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My Grandma Florence gave me my first comic book around 1987, which was Little Orphan Annie. I was watching Saturday Morning Cartoons & waiting for the New York Times Sunday morning cartoons to take with me to the beach. I read Garfield & Peanuts. When I was 9, my parents asked me to pick an art class. Al Baruch, the creator of Captain Hook in Disney's Peter Pan was my choice. He encouraged students' to create their own characters and tell their own stories. At 10, he asked me to draw with him for his workshop at the Public Library. Over the years, he became like a Grandpa who called me regularly and made sure I was still drawing. I became a Credentialed Art Teacher in 2005 and created my own Comics Programming in 2010. My workbook is based off a curriculum I developed specifically for Comics Workshops and Summer Camps. Thousands of students have taken my classes now and made their own comic books, are now professional artists, and have their own art related businesses. I am so proud of all of them!


 create your dream comic Book! your unique voice and story matter! 

the world needs creative thinkers who can dream of possibilities

Most Students Don't Know
How to Create a Comic Book

Your unique style, voice, and creative expression is what you will find along the way in this process . Creating a comic book teaches you how to build an entire world that needs to make sense to you and then to others. A good story is the heart of what makes any piece of art compelling to a reader. The skills you will learn are character development including expression, body movement, clothing design, architecture, interior design, storyboarding, plot development, perspective, color theory, inking, lettering, page design and more. I will guide you through strengthening your skills in still life, landscape, and portraiture. We will build your confidence and skills in a variety of media from pencil to paint and how to bring your work to the highest level.

Support With Your Cartoon World-building

As your Cartooning Coach, I will customize your lessons so they are unique to your skillset and style. I will offer you and your family feedback each week on your success and growth points. We will discuss how you can achieve an edge by practicing your skills between lessons. Parents are a partner in the process and I will ensure to keep them updated.Communication is the key to your success and I also provide you with as many resources as possible along the way from book suggestions, to art prompts, to supplementary materials.

The Advantage

You will work with the highest quality materials, your lessons will meet you at your personal skill level and pacing, your instructor will guide you and your family with patience, care, and enthusiasm for your growth along the way. This process has proven to be a success and you will see results quickly and steadily as we work together on your goals.

Your Success is Everything !

Your comic book is uniquely yours. My hope for you is that you enjoy the process and accomplish your goal of creating a unique cartoon world that includes solid writing and connects to readers. Having choices in life is everything! It would be an honor to be a part of your success!

arts administrator


Donn Harris, former Chair of the California Art Council, Director of SF and Oakland School of the Arts

“Cara Goldstein is an outstanding artist, art teacher, and teacher leader who I hired and worked with on both sides of the bay. She really brought out the best in whoever she was working with or teaching, and was very helpful to me as an administrator with her sense of leadership and vision. She is extremely 
versatile, involved in drawing, multimedia, comic books and able to connect with different artists in these diverse aspects of the art field. She was simply very valuable in multiple ways and always brought a creative edge to the work. I appointed Cara to be a part of an arts integration team. Her ability to work with general education teachers on this is invaluable. Things fluctuate, but talent and skill do not--I can't recommend Cara Highly Enough."

William Hack, Supervisor of

Visual and Performing Arts

San Francisco Unified School District

"Cara is one of the most outstanding art teachers I have known in my 31 year career at SFUSD. I worked with Cara starting in 2015. 

She created the first Media Arts program for SFUSD elementary schools and she developed its curriculum.  She is a dedicated teacher with a great passion for teaching art, always student centered, and with a deep understanding of the value of Arts Education.  

I have observed her classes many times, and was always impressed with how she integrated literacy skills, story structure, perspective and measurement, and student voice.  Her students’ work is always outstanding, especially due to her ability to work with various ability levels. She was instrumental in the success of the district art show format which had a local showcase in each neighborhood. She has a wonderful rapport with all of her students who absolutely adore her. I have observed Cara to be a thoughtful and organized teacher with a big heart for both her students and her content area.

On a personal note, I would add that she is a joy to work with. Additionally, she is an extremely talented artist and illustrator in her own right, and has published a great deal of her own work. I highly recommend Cara Goldstein.


Julie Charles, Director of Education at SFMoMa,

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

“I have had the pleasure of working with Cara in my capacity as the SF MoMa Education Director for the past 9 years. In this capacity, Cara has been an important collaborator in developing and bringing SF MoMa resources into SfUSD elementary school classrooms. Cara's feedback about topics, artists, materials and projects has been instrumental in the creation, modification and classroom relevance of the museum's art kits which reach thousands of art students each year. Cara is a strong advocate for expanding the modes of artmaking and scope of artists that students are exposed to in their visual arts education, ensuring that materials, artistic processes, and artists align with student interest while also supporting the students' critical thinking and creative expression about what matters to them. Cara's clear vision and strong commitment to making Modern and Contemporary Art relevant to young people is inspiring and I'm thankful to work with such a committed educator! ”

my students become business
owners with creative vision

"love your constant support and knowing you are a big part of my success. I remember you always being so encouraging and patient with me and I'm sure you are doing the same with your students now!" -Fernando Diaz, founder, owner of Diaz Coffee

"I don't know how my wife found Cara, but I'm so glad she did. We hired her for the purpose of sharpening my 13 year old daughter's drawing skills for high school portfolio and audition. Eventhough we interacted remotely with a camera, Cara was professional, encouraging, and knew how to bring out the best in our daughter. The skills she learned, especially timed warm up drills and bringing a drawing to the finish line, will last a lifetime. There's no one I could recommend more for a drawing and painting teacher. My daughter was accepted into Asawa SOTA."


"Cara's a phenomenal teacher with the right combination of patience, good humor, inspiration, and commitment in challenging your child. She is a huge reason my son got into Asawa School of the Arts here in San Francisco, and has been a great mentor to him. Classes can be taken from anywhere. Highly reccomend!"


"From Cara's expertise in the art field to her patience and care for her students' creativity and process, she is what every passionate art student needs to get them the the crucial next step in their journey. We are so fortunate to have met Cara. Our son and his interest in becoming in artist has thrived"

"We feel so fortunate to have found Cara. She has been teaching our daughter art technique, and also helping her think through expressing plots and emotion through comics. Cara has a way of nurturing trust with kids because she treats them as real emerging artists."


"Cara is a passionate teacher who believes in the power of mentorship. She inspires creativity and encourages students to find their voice. My eight year old daughter has been taking comics lessons with Cara and I have been impressed with my daughter's growth in drawing to support character development and storytelling . Cara's classes are fun, supportive, and challenging.I highly recommend Cara as a teacher.The curriculum she has developed over her career is top notch "

student Gallery


  • Comics Workbook and Art Kit

    Workbook, marker set, sketchbook
    Valid for one month
    • Cartooning Academy Student

      Every month
      Create your own Comic Book or Graphic Novel
      Valid for 12 months
      • Character Design, Story Development, Comic Book Creation
      • Weekly Lessons 1 hour and 15 min
    • Cartooning Basic Package

      9 Lessons
      Valid for 3 months
      • 1 weekly meeting 1 hour and 15 min
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